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Around Boston, master key systems are extremely popular for commercial buildings, public and educational institutions, apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels. They are a great way to make your building feel modern while also improving the security. Using a high-tech and hierarchical keying strategy, you can control who has access and how much access they have. The goal of any master key solution is to offer a balance between safety and convenience. It allows different individuals or groups to gain entry to pre-designated areas while maintaining control over who has access to more secure or sensitive areas.

For example, at a hospital you could have the main employee entrance accessible to all workers, but different wings or private offices that can only be accessed by specific doctors, nurses, or higher level employees. You can also create a “Master Key” that has entry to every door in the building, usually provided to only the highest level employees or members of the staff that have been approved for this type of elevated access.

At Bolt Lock & Key, our team has installed master key systems at hundreds of commercial buildings across the greater Boston area, including:

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The primary reasons that businesses in the Boston area are calling us to install a master key system at their building include:

1. Customizable Convenience

Customize the access your employees have by creating a hierarchy. At the top of this pyramid, the holder of the Master Key can open any door, whereas the average worker only has access to pre-designated areas. Instead of handing out traditional keys or having to carry 15 pieces of metal jangling on the keychain, businesses and institutions can give out key cards that fit easily on a lanyard, in a wallet, or in a purse. They can conveniently enter and exit the building, and there will be less of a need for full-time security or a doorman to monitor the building.

2. Security

Your security team or facility manager will have the ability to quickly remove access for a terminated employee or even immediately lockdown the building at the touch of a button. Master key systems are great for businesses or institutions of any kind, but they are especially perfect for larger ones like hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, or colleges. In cases of a crime being committed or vandalism, security and police can view the system logs to see exactly who had been going in and out at the time of the event.

3. Time-Limited Access

This is perfect for places like a government building, a hospital or a hotel where visitors are welcome at certain times but not indefinitely. This way, someone who stayed at the hotel or used a guest pass for the hospital can’t go and give their card to a friend. The time-limit of a keycard will be preset to make sure that nobody overstays their welcome.

4. Cost-Effective Scalability

Businesses are always looking for a way to cut costs, especially as they continue to scale. The main advantage of a master key system is providing a cost-effective and flexible solution, which is exactly why so many institutions keep choosing to upgrade with a master key system. They are perfect for managing a larger complex or elaborate facilities at an affordable price. Whether adding more buildings or increasing the number of employees, master key systems are easily adaptable to evolving or expanding companies and are designed to easily accommodate the growth within an organization.

5. Emergency Access

Security and management can respond to an emergency more quickly and effectively than ever. They can remotely turn off access to certain areas, or they can grant unlimited access to public servants like firefighters, EMT’s and law enforcement. This helps eliminate delays and obstructions during a crisis. If a critical situation occurs, the facility managers will be much more prepared to react in a timely and efficient manner.

Master Key System FAQs

Can existing/traditional locks be retrofitted into a master key system?

This depends on the compatibility of the existing lock and the quality of its current condition. That being said, it is common practice to integrate a master key system with your old or traditional locks as needed. Our expert locksmiths will know exactly how to get the job done in the most convenient way possible.

Can master key systems be integrated with a security system that has already been installed?

Normally, the answer is yes. For certain types of building, such as a high-security government building or certain wings of a hospital, it’s important to do a deeper evaluation to make sure there won’t be any unexpected complications to the overall security during or after the installation. In other words, if there any reservations about integrating a master key system, it may be time to think about upgrading and replacing the entire system.

Can I install a master key system at my home?

For a residence, smart locks are a very popular and high-tech solution to accessing and securing your home. Master key systems are a type of smart lock, just on a much larger and customizable scale. For certain houses, a master key system can be useful, especially on large estates with multiple buildings, or a mansion that has multiple points of entry. No matter the size of your home, smart lock and master key features can always be implemented by our team.

What happens if we lose the Master Key?

As expected, this would not only be a major inconvenience but also a huge security risk. First, you will need to update the system ASAP by disabling the Master Key. Second, if there are any relevant security or safety concerns you should immediately contact the authorities. Lastly, you should contact us so that we can help test and evaluate the facility. If we have any concerns, we may suggest resetting the entire system and passing out new keycards just to be safe.

Master Key System Testimonials

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{Jon is super smart and helpful and helped me understand the need for certain locks. I would recommend him to anyone in the Boston area.{
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{Jonathan is such a friendly, professional person. He will go above and beyond to get the job done right! I would highly recommend him!{
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{Professional work done quickly and efficiently. Jonathan Nir, the Technician was friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable and ethically sound. He introduced us with the color key system for the first time. Anybody need his service can ask for his service without any hesitation. USA badly needs more technologists like Jonathan Nir.{
Boston, MA
{Bolt Lock and Key came out on short notice and prepared a master key system suited for new office space. The technician was knowledgeable and provided insight on how we may be able to do things to better suit our needs. I would strongly recommended.{
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{Jonathan has been handling our door locks for years and that includes wifi smart deadbolt type locks. Always does top notch work at a fair price. We highly recommend him.{

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