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Although technically a separate town from Boston, the two blend into each other. Even though Brookline is a very short distance from the city center and is an urban neighborhood, it has a suburban atmosphere because of its gorgeous architecture, ancient trees that have been preserved, and a significant amount of parks, reservoirs and public spaces. Olmsted Park in Brookline was designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the same author of Central Park in NYC. Larz Anderson Park is an expansive and scenic space that has walking trails, a pond, an outdoor hockey rink, soccer fields, and many other recreational facilities.

Brookline is one of the most desirable areas because of its educational institutions, including the main campus of Pine Manor College and part of Boston University’s campus. It also is home to Brookline High School, one of the oldest and most prestigious public schools in the country. There are so many amazing restaurants and a diverse culinary experience which is why people all over Boston travel to Brookline for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Master Key Systems

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Panic Hardware

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