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It's important to keep trespassers out of your private commercial space. Bolt Lock & Key installs key fob and card reader master key systems in the Boston, MA area.

A key fob or card reader system will make sure that only employees and those given specific security clearance can access certain areas of your commercial space. We install master key systems at a wide variety of commercial properties including:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Medical buildings
  • Apartment complexes
You don't need to replace every lock at your property if you want to update your security. We can rekey your entire commercial business in a timely manner.

Choose Bolt Lock & Key to install your business's master key system quickly and correctly.

3 benefits of installing a master key system

3 benefits of installing a master key system

Bolt Lock & Key installs modern key fob and card reader systems at commercial properties in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. You should install a new master key system because they:

  1. Provide top-notch security-they keep employees, customers and intruders out of specific areas at your commercial property
  2. Are convenient for employees-they eliminate large, annoying key rings
  3. Offer flexibility-they can be scaled to fit the size of your business
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